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Hi all,

I'm a total newbie when it comes to the mustang world. I have a relatively stock 98 GT that I intend on beefing up. I'm not interested in racing, I just want a nice street machine as this is my only car at the moment.

The trouble is, I have no idea where to start. From what I have read, it would be a good idea to add the following modifications, but I am unsure about the order in which I should approach these mods.

Obviously, I will be doing these mods in stages. Maybe one day I'll be able to approach a project like this without money being an object. But at the moment, it certainly is.

1) New headers (From what I have read the stock headers are just ass, and need to be replaced immediately.) Also, my car is very low so from what I understand, shorty headers are in order as ground clearance is definitely an issue for me.

2) Chip - I haven't been able to discern too much about chipping the 4.6 mustang. Should I get custom chips or a something I can program myself? From what I understand, if I get custom chips burned and do any serious mods after that, I will have to get them re-burned. Is it standard for that to cost the same amount as the original process?

3) Roller Rockers. The bang for your buck on this mod seems to be astronomical.

4) Cold air vs. Ram air system. (Being concerned with the look of the car, I don't want to give up one of my fog lights to accomodate a ram air system. Is there an alternative?)

5) New head vs. Milling my existing one? Is the stock head as bad as the stock headers?

6) New intake manifold. Would this be worth the cost and wrench time? And if so, should I use the cobra intake or buy an aftermarket one?

7) New ignition system. I never realized how much a good ignition meant... I thought it just started the car. :)

8) Last but not least, I'd like to eventually ad a Supercharger. The ATI Procharger looks sweet! Same price as the vortech but it has its own intercooler. Would it be a huge mistake to ad this last? I would only do so because of the cost. Most of the other mods can be bought one at a time and installed as such. But this one I would have to save a while for.

So.. that's the list so far. If anyone sees any glaring errors or something extremely vital that I missed, please let me know.

I'd reallly appreciate any feedback you guys have to offer and I thank you all in advance.

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1)_ new cats before headers
2)_chip...your pick you seem to understand choice
3)_Nope...wrong engine
4)_?...go cold air and keep the lites
5)_save mony for blower...see Dec. MM&FF head swap
6)_see 5
7)_ Biggest bang there is then you need new manifold...see Feb. MM&FF om man. swap

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1. Forget the headers for now, go with an h or x pipe with cats.
2. Questionable mod in my opinion, no real difference with a fairly stock car. If your car is an auto, go for a shift kit instead. If it as a 5spd, I would skip the chip.
3. As mentioned above, no rockers on your car, thats on the 5.0's.
4. Personally I would modify the stock air silencer, stay with the K&N for now, and use the money for underdrive pulleys instead. More bang for the buck.
5. Stock heads are possibly worst than the stock headers. Don't waste money on them. It is better to go with 99+ heads.
6. Do the intake if and when you do the heads.
7. Probably best to do by the time you go to a supercharger. It would help a little in the mean time, but is almost needed with boost.
8. If you have the cash available, I personally would do the supercharger first. That by itself would get an otherwise stock car well into the 13's. I know you aren't looking at racing much, but I think most would agree that a 13 second daily driver is a fun, fast car. All the other mods will compliment the supercharger in the future, especially the heads. All the above mods combined wont make as much of a power gain as the supercharger will by itself. It s all a matter of money and preference though.

I would look at the ford motorsport supercharger for your situation. Keep it at 6psi. A centrifical unit can net more horsepower at its peak, but for a street car, I think the svo is a
good setup. And 6psi will probably get you 60-70hp extra, and should be safe as far as reliability.

Just my opinion, good luck.

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Okay sounds like you've got all your ducks in a row and you're trying to hit them with one bullet. You could have used a few posts!

My (short) answers to your questions:
1) Shorty headers are low on the bang for buck list and are regarded by many to be a pain to install.
2) Do a chip AFTER all your other mods unless otherwise needed.
3)Aint no rockers on a 4.6.
4)Don't bother with a cold air unless you like the way it looks. Forget the ram air.
5)If you have the money, do the 99+ head swap. If you have lotsa money p&p them, or p&p your heads.
6)Options for intakes are limited. Popular choices are SVO, bullitt, 99+ intake (with the heads).
7)DIS4? Dunno, I have individual coil-on-plugs
8)Yes, you could do the supercharger last, but I'd say before a custom chip.

Other recommended first mods: Underdrive pullies, Timing adjuster, oh...and GEARS!
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