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The Mustang Club of Indianapolis will be hosting its 4th Annual Open Track Event at Putnam Park Road Course (just west of Indy). Open to all Vehicles and drivers of any experience level. This event will put you and your vehicle to the test.
Cost: $185.00 for one (1) day per driver, $310.00 for both days (2) per driver.
Example If you have (1) one Car and one (1) driver for one day it is $185.00
If you have (1) one car and Two (2) drivers for one day in different classes (beginner and experience) it is $310.00
If you have (1) one Car and Two (2) drivers for one day in the same Class (beginner and beginner) it is $185.00

Registration postmarked after October 1st needs to include an additional $50.00 for late registration.
Guest and Spectators are free.

See and click on "Track Event" for more information. You can also print a registration form to mail in.

Just to ease any concerns that arose from last years event. (We got a much larger turnout than expected, and had some worker shortages)
We have hired corner-workers this year, so the event should run much smoother.
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