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Wheels are in overall excellent condition. One wheel has two small paint chips on the edge of one of the spokes. One other wheel has some paint bubbling around the valve cap area and the center cap. No curb rash anywhere. Other than the two noted defects, the wheels have no flaws. Since they are used, there is a small amount of dirt particles embedded into the paint in various spots. This could all be removed with wheel cleaner and a tooth brush in about an hour. The inside of the wheels have a lot more dirt and rubber buildup as the wheels are used.

Center caps are in perfect condition.

Wheels currently have 15 year old tires mounted on them. If someone buys the wheels locally, the tires come with the wheels. If I end up shipping the wheels, I'll have the tires dismounted first, but not until payment is received.

The price for the set of wheels is $600, not negotiable. This does not include any shipping charges. Each wheel weighs around 21lbs, so with packaging it will be four boxes of about 25-26lbs each. Due to dimensional weight rules, each box could be as heavy as 30lbs.

Payment by Paypal. No gift payments. Buyer pays all Paypal fees.

Link to hires photos of wheels and caps below.
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