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Got one of them done. I've had this '85 Coupe for a decade or so, and has had 3 different engine setups in it. Started out with a really mild 302" SBF, C4, running gas and a flat tappet cam. Went 8.60 in the 1/8. Put some RPM #6025 heads on it and went 7.40's The did a methanol conversion and went 6.90's and very consistently. Ran it like that for...gosh...6 years, every weekend sometimes 2 or 3 classes during the weekend (and if running index, 4 classes). Finally broke the crank in 2009. Sat for a year. I had a 408 already put together and since I wasn't driving due to work related crap, I told my brother to come get my 408 and drop it in; which he did, ran some 6.00's at 114 consistently (methanol, victor Jr heads and intake, no porting, and powerglide transmission). Well, the 408 came back out and went into my dad's Maverick where it still sits (and was 5.90's at 115). So we put together a real mild 347" SBF for the Mustang. I built a PG for it last winter and due to circumstances-and health issues-I haven't been able to put it together as quickly as I wanted to.

Anyway, my health hasn't been great but I managed to stuff it back into the car at the end of October. Had it running the first week of November with some help of my dad. My brother drug it over to the track today, and texted me, said they only got one pass. Said he was off the throttle early and went 6.34 at 92 mph. So I'm figuring it's good for some high 20's tomorrow, maybe mid 20's. He's down about 12 mph based on what I can figure. I did some stuff to the transmission that I don't normally do, just to try it, and I guess it worked. Keep in mind that the driver (brother) is tall, and about 350 lbs. I'm 200 lbs so when I hop in, it just might be a tenth or so quicker. I figure the car weighs in the 2650 range as it's totally gutted out. Just a off-the-shelf solid roller with 250° of duration and 616 lift, IIRC. Nothing special.

Could it see a 5.x pass, with a N/A 302 block? We'll see. Maybe I can make my way over to the track tomorrow if I feel up to it, maybe snap a video or two.

Now if I can ever get the 427" done for the street car. I'm having a hard time getting motivated.
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