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I know the site has been out of date for a long time. I have been working with a friend to throw something together for the mean time that will at least have all the current changes and kits listed that we are and will be offering. Also I had him add paypal links to each page so you can follow through and just purchase online for a quicker and more simple turbo system purchase.

I have have not went over everything yet but Im sure there will need to be a few tweaks. If anyone notices anything, let me know as well if I need to change anything. I just wanted to put this out there as I have been getting a lot of questions and people asking about the site being out of date.

Hope to also have a page within the next few months that will just have all of our parts listed that we sell individually for easier ordering. Also there are a lot of little things that we offer that really is not listed online and only customers calling in will find out about.

On 3 Performance - Turbo Kits for Ford Mustangs
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