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Hello everyone.. Not sure how many of you remember me, but im finally back in the Mustang scene! Seems to be a little less active here than i remember, but i see a lot of familiar faces!

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce my new car. Little backstory; I bought my first Mustang when i was 19. A 1988 Mustang GT with 73,000 miles and stock. I used this car as my daily driver and did bolt-ons to it (full exhaust, gears, shifter, roller rockers, drive shaft, etc.. the basics). It was a fun car to drive, but not the most friendly daily driver. I owned this car until 2008 when i was forced to sell it.

Long story short.. ran into hard financial times was forced to sell it immediately. Sold it to someone for half down, and he made payments on the rest. The guy in turn ended up totaling it a few months later and i got it back from him and had no choice but to part it out. Terrible story.

So fast forward to a month ago.. Almost exactly 8 years later I finally was able to find its replacement! A 2011 GT with 60k miles. one owner car, kona blue, saddle interior, 6 speed, and completely stock aside from wheels/tires. It has the premium package and all options except for navigation and HIDs.

The difference from the fox to the coyote (ha, sounds like a barnyard) is AMAZING. The refinement and comfort of it is incredible. Its so hard to believe your in a mustang, until you put your right foot down a little. The power is such a rush and even cruising its nice knowing you have all that power even when you hardly need it.

So thats my long story, I absolutely love this car and i cant even put it into word how perfect it is and how well it was taken care of.

Here is a walk-around of it, all detailed!

Hope to see you all around the forums again!
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