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Hello All!!!
New here and also newish to mustang
I'm from northeast PA.
on my 3rd foxbody,(none of which I have driven yet).
1st was a 84 gt that I purchased from a friend who had it in high school. Been trying to buy it for years, he finally caved. Sadly rust was a major issue. floors, roof, wiper cowl etc.
2nd was an 87 that I bought for parts and sadly no title. Decided the effort was not worth it to make a car.I sold both and picked up an 88gt
Originally a florida car, no rust!! sadly its been modified(horribly). planned to do a once over but again the mustang gods are not shining down. Looks like a 3rd grader did the wiring. Hopefully I will fix over all the bad decisions on this one and actually drive it, Wish me luck
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