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Long time Lurker

Hello guys!

I'm not really new here, i've been lurking/had a previous account on here since 2004 but got locked out since I no longer use the old email. Currently I've got a Teal '93 Cobra #3051. Had about 71k miles on her when I started selling off the stock drive train! Which I know will make some purists a little butt hurt lol, but oh well. It's clean for a Fox but certainly not showroom so I don't feel bad about it. Hopefully in the next 6 months or so I'll have her back out with a Gen 2 Coyote. I've already got quite a few parts sitting in the garage, motor, control pack, suspension, steering, brakes. Once the busy Holidays pass and tax season rolls around I'll be ordering up the transmission and will start getting serious about getting it done.

Anyway, I tried posting some stock parts I do have left for sale, as well as starting a build thread in the member build up section. But It wouldn't post my threads for what ever reason. I assumed it was my post count or never introducing myself so that's why I'm here.

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