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Wow, it amazes me how much people complain about the rules and the people making them. The big difference between the NMRA/NMCA and NHRA,IHRA, and so is the NMRA/NMCA takes suggestions and ideas for rules from their racers unlike the other organizations. Regardless of what the rules outcome is good or bad, these guys deal with alot of bs day in and day out. They have a million rules suggestions and wants to go through and you cant please everyone. I know I have been there myself. But it seems as of lately there are more and more people just being plain rude. These guys deserve alot more credit and are under appreciated. Nomatter what our feeling toward the staff may be, they make the rules, and we follow them. I consider myself a nice guy and get along with everyone, so anyone can say what they want about me. But this is just my opinion on things as of lately. If your in it to win, a racer will race, plain and simple. Complaining and calling people names is just rude. Without the guys making the rules, there wouldnt be a cool organization to run in. Ive ran Factory Stock for 8 years now, and trust me over half those years the rules were against me, but we stuck with it and continued to race. So in defense of the NMRA/NMCA, I appreciate everything you guys have done for us, and an organization to race in.
John Leslie Jr.
Factory Stock.
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