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** This is NOT an April Fools post, 100% legit news!

NJ Corralers with a 1995 or older Mustang - no more worries about if your car will pass or not pass NJ DMV inspection process!

Original news link with additional information:
Inspection time? 3 changes coming from the Motor Vehicle Commission

3. Older vehicles don't need to be inspected.

This change has a firm start date in place.

Beginning May 1, any gasoline-powered passenger vehicles with model year from 1995 or older don't need to be inspected.

This hasn't sat well with some environmental advocates, who say the older vehicles are often the main culprit of emissions problems.

“Under this proposal, we would let more than 50,000 of the oldest and dirtiest cars off the hook for emissions tests,” Environment New Jersey executive director Doug O’Malley said in December. “We have all been behind a car on the Parkway that looks like it was from the Dukes of Hazzard. This plan would leave that car on the road.”
Yep you read that right - effective this year!!

Can you say long tube headers, off road exhaust and any type of tune you want? Sure can!
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