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Middle aged guy that has always loved many classic muscle cars (GTO’s, Chevelles, Mustangs, Camaro’s). Built a pro-touring ‘67 Camaro and painted it Ford metallic gray (paint code TK), so you can see I have no allegiance to any manufacturer.

Sadly it was parted out on me while I was deployed by a criminal shop. Long story, well documented online. But that was years ago. I’m back and now I have a decent driver of a ‘65 Mustang with a 91-96 F1SE 5.0. She’s my daily driver, so I’m limited to weekend projects now, but someday (possibly soon) I want to start a full restomod build.

Goal is to plan it all out, and execute the plan in perfect order.
Wish list includes:
Total Control full front clip with subframe connectors and x-brace
Tubular framing in engine bay
Coil over front
Rack and pinion
G-Link rear shortened 9” and mini-tubs
Wilwood or Baer discs all the way around
Coyote or very stout stroker with EFI (will still be my daily driver when done)
6 speed manual transmission
TMI custom interior
Weatherstripping that works
Power windows that work
Electrical system that works
Heat & a/c that works
Gauges that work
Stereo system that works
Roll cage (at least 4 point, and tucked in tight to the body)
Body, probably a nice set of custom steel wheel flares shave unnecessary badging
Molded flushed bumpers
Flushed windshield and rear window
Smoothed firewall
Rhino lined or similar ultra-tough undercoating
Sound and heat deadened throughout interior and trunk

Then probably go with a matte black paint job and matte black staggered 17”-18” wheels

Goal is a very strong, reliable, mean classic muscle car as my daily driver.

Wish me luck playing the lottery.

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Sounds like that'll be quite a daily driver! Good luck pulling it off.

I'm sort of in the same boat. I just bought an 89 coupe to replace my long in the tooth Nissan Altima as my daily driver. You can't do much to maintain and fix the newer cars yourself anymore, so I wanted to get back into something I am comfortable maintaining on my own. No emissions, no computers, no EFI, just a built carbureted engine and a manual transmission, just man and machine. Simple, fun, fast.

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Welcome to the forum.I know what you mean by seal that work. I spent close to$700 on seals on my 65 Falcon and still get wind noise and leaks.I refuse to give up.Roger
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