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hi everybody,

im a long time creeper on this forum but never posted. I'm finishing up a 4 cylinder auto to V8 5 speed swap on my 93 convertible and want to say thank to all of you guys here for the info and advice i have been given while searching the treads for questions i had during this build. my project is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel because of all of you. so thanks again!

my build started as a 90 convertible that i bought in 2000 that was actually a 86-93 hacked up salvage title monster that barely ran at first and handled and stopped even worse. when i finally started getting serious modifying my car i found that half the cars weight was bondo and different color paint.but i put a set of BBK lowering springs and some flowmaster mufflers and some basic bolt ons and had a blast hot rodding that car around. my windshield cracked from the body flex and i blew the motor racing a guy. so the car got put on the back burner for awhile. at that point i started looking for a donor car to do a swap so i had a fresh platform to start messing with.

about 3 years ago i found a great bodied unmolested red 93 convertible 4 cylinder auto. drove it home and and was so excited to start, i pulled the motor and trans that night. it sat on jack stands like that for awhile while i studied, learned and read about what i was actually undertaking. took tons of photos and will be adding them as i have time. but i think ive added enough for now. im sure no one is still reading this any way! so Thanks again guys and hello!!!
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