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Hi all,

I'm an all around mustang guy. Former mechanic of 5 years gone engineer.

I have a 1969 Fastback that is in process of a loooonnngggg restoration right now...nowhere close to roadworthy.

Recently I have acquired a 94 GT from a very good friend in SA, TX (my hometown...). He sold this car off to his dad who needed a daily, and a recent oil change revealed oil in the coolant. The shop he had it towed too claimed a cracked block, so my friend's dad declined to fix it.

I called him the other day and asked how much he wanted for the car...thinking to myself that it would be $1,000 or so as it has a pristine body.


not even close.

he said $200 :surprise::surprise::surprise::surprise::surprise:

So now I have a car at MY parent's house in TX that I will be transporting up here in a while. Details of that are still in progress.

Plans are to just get it on the road again for little cash investment. If it is indeed a block issue, finding a running short block should not be an issue at all. I MAY drop on some GT-40 or pro-comp aluminum heads with a well ported lower intake and a little hotter of a cam. But the goal will be to get it running and driving again for less than a grand. Not shooting for the moon on power, just something fun to run around in for a year or so, then sell at a small profit.

Let the adventure commence!

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