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Hey everyone,

I finally snagged me a Fox Body after many years of wanting one for some reason. Not pretty, not ugly... fast, but not. lol, i don't know just pumped that I finally got one. Looking to build it into a cruisable drift car if that makes any sense at all. Bit of an Oxy-Moron, but I'm willing to give it a go.

Got into it very cheap and their are two big issues...
1. It's a NA 2.3.. I couldn't have ever imagined that a Mustang could be this dang slow.
2. Needs a new top pretty bad.

So biggest things to tackle right now are what motor to swap into it and I guess tackle doing a convertible top (both things I have very little clue on). I'm a quick learner and love to tinker on cars so it should be a good time.

Any suggestions right off the bat would be great.. been doing a lot of searching on swaps and it gets mind numbing after a while. I will continue to search and look through threads from yesteryear, but new quick advise is always appreciated.

Latest thing in front of me is a Econoline 150 5.0.. trying to find info on what needs updated to make this thing work (especially into a 2.3 LX), but it'll take some time.

Looking for 300-550hp in the end. Don't mind going turbo (actually would love it).

Anyways, thanks to everyone in advance for any questions that arise while I tackle this and thank you to everyone before for answering everybody else's questions.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts