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Hello Everyone,
Like so many, I'm new to posting here, but I have read a lot of information from these boards over the years when owning various mustangs. I work in the automotive aftermarket industry and have for the past 10 years or so. I certainly do not know it all by any means, but I do know my way around cars and also have ASE P2 certification (only thing I can get since I don’t work at a shop) Although I’ve never worked professionally in a shop, I’m not your average DIY’er either.

Well, I have a new project on my hands and I know I am going to need some help. My step dad used to work for Ford and local dealership from 70's through the 80's. He was a car and Ford guru, especially auto transmissions :) Sadly, he passed away recently so now this project we worked on together is in my hands to complete for him!

So we worked on this car together, fixing small things here and there because so much was screwed up, all the meanwhile collecting parts to do a serious full build.

So what we have is a 1991 LX Coupe. Paint code KA Light Crystal Blue. The car was originally a 4 cylinder, automatic vehicle, but has been converted to a 5.0L, T5 car.

Now, until I started reading, I never realized all that had to be changed when using a SN95 car as a donor. It looks like the shop that attempted the swap about 5 years ago, sort of new what they were doing, but just didn't have what they needed to do everything correctly. I know the name of the shop and where they are located as I have receipts from the work they did. However, it was not my experience dealing with them, so no name will be released to bash since I really do not know the full story.

So anyway, odd things with this car now....
4 cylinder springs were left in the car,
The SN harness was cut, spliced, extended, really I don't know the full extent of the harness, but I know it looks like crap under the hood.
The SN computer was just left sitting in the fender apron on the passenger side.
Yada Yada, a lot of work to clean up.

Now for some good since a lot was done to the car.
Full 5 lug swap from the donor SN95.
Rear disc brakes with adjustable Wilwood prop valve,
Strange 10 way drag shocks in the rear
TruFiber cowl hood (needs paint),
Factory cluster removed and Florida 5.0 gauge panel installed (Looks awesome)
Hurst shifter,
Mac LT's, catted H, and Mac Cat back,
Typhoon upper and lower
Few other goodies.

Waiting to be installed –
MM subframe connectors,
Torque box kit,
Two new front fenders (waiting on paint),
Getting ready to order some tubular control arms for the rear.

Engine stuff –
I have a 89 long block with factory forged pistons (needs refresh).
Also a non-roller 351W, bored .030 over. Was refreshed a few years ago, but I don't know all the specs so would need to come apart and be measured. Currently sitting on engine stand with heads off.
Already have a set of Eddy Performer RPM's with Comp Magnum roller tips.
Already have a TFS1 roller cam if I go that route; also have a Comp flat tappet and lifts for the 351W if I go that route.

As I mentioned, lots to think about, but I just wanted to introduce myself as I start this project. Here is pic of how she sits now...


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Welcome to the site!

If you ever need anything, such as the forum discount code, feel free to shoot me a PM, and I'll be happy to help you!

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to browse our website for all of your Mustang parts, and needs!
Thanks Dustin.

I'm actually getting ready to order the tubular upper and lower rear CA's you guys have on sale right now!

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