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Hello All,

I recently purchased this S197 convertible. It was kind of a find, a dealer took it in in trade and had it up for sale for 3K.

I spotted it on Easter weekend on cargurus, I called and told them I would be down to drive it Monday after work. I wanted a car that I could fix up with my son. He just turned 18 graduates high school in June. I told hom I would pay for half the car and front him some money for parts. We have a 1926 model T we are maintaining that came com my grandfather, my dad gave it to me and I have given it to him. A model T roadster pickup doesn't stir the heart of a young man the way a convertible Mustang does.

It was out on a test drive when I got to the dealership and I kind of figured I had missed it, it came back, the guy said his wife wouldn't let him buy it. I drove it, the car ran like crap and smelled like cat pee. I was the 15th person to test drive it the salesman said I was the first to plug a diagnostic into it.

I paid cash and drove it to the tire shop and got 2 new tires put in the front.

I went and got my son and his cousin and they drove it home.

It came with 1 of 2 stock cat converters.

2 good tires.

5 firing cylinders.

15 codes.

And 91,000 miles.

I took it to the Ford dealer and had the airbags updated since they were an unrepaired recall item.

The miss was a pigtail to the injector.

There was a code for high pressure in the injector rail, so we replaced the pressure sensor and it solved that problem.

We added a cat converter and the 02 sensors behind the drivers side header, did a partial exhaust, we kept the right cat and did cat back new except for the existing Flowmaster, it was tempting to dual the exhaust, everyone is on a budget, so that's where we drew the line. It is ready at this point, to pass emissions.

New radiator new thermostat.

We got rid of the manual, cloth, cat pee stained seats and upgraded to leather seats out if a wrecked 08 GT. We sanitized the floor pans while th seats were out and deodorized the carpet to the point that the car smells real nice. It's throwing an airbag code, there is a $25 plug that provides a low resistance signal that will satisfy the CPU. It's been ordered. The drivers side plugged in and powered all good!

The passenger seat has a different plug, it's going to take a Saturday to get it rewired and functioning. There is no adapter that I have found and the manual harness is not going to easily cross over. It looks like I'm going to have to run power back from the fuse box. It's all part Of the fun. Ipulled the track away drop the worm gear and set it as far back as possible. Set it and forget it!

The back seats need to be secured since they dont fold down in the convertible so we will have to fab some brackets, ez access to the motor and pump.

We bought the new wheels on craigslist for $200. I have drilled and slotted rotors and ceramic pads on the way.

We have shocks and struts to add, new inner and outer tie rods, sway bar bushings, sway bar connecting rods, control arms and rear sway bar along with new pan hard bar and torque arms. We are going to upgrade a lot of the components as time and cash permits.

After we make it handle, we will add a cold air intake, performance chip and 4.11 re-ratio.

Sorry about the novel, I'm just kinda into this ATM.

I was born in 1969 and I know it's an abomination to put money into a v6 car, but we're having fun.

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Welcome to the forum. There is nothing wrong with moding a v6.If I had the time a money I would build a 1960 Falcon post with a 2.3 turbo. With a few mods it would be 2500 lbs with 450hp. Not bad for a cruiser.Roger
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