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Hi all,
I just met with the new owner of E.L.D. in Millersville, his name is Jamie Wellman and he was on quite a few episodes of Pinks and Pinks all out. I've know Jamie for a lloonnggg time and he is a great standup guy. He's really good with older setups (tri-power, quadrajunks and Holleys) and his staff knows the newer EFI setups as well. They have a dyno right at the shop and will prove to you on paper that they got the performance they tell you you will get when they tune your car.
So, if anybody had any issues and didn't like dealing with Brian, give Jamie a chance and I think you'll be very pleased with the results he can get for you.
There's a carshow that they are one of the sponsors of happening May 23 from 10-3 in Severna park Md, give ELD a call for details 410-729-8418. Tell them that Steve told you to give them a shout.:salute:
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