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Hey all, I'm back in the saddle, as it were. Last Mustang I had was a 96 GT convertible, about 15 years ago, which was wrecked (not by me), so we got rid of it.

Just a few days ago I picked up an 89 coupe for a song, couldn't pass it up. My current daily driver is a Nissan with 185k miles, and while it's been a great car, I decided I'd rather sell it while it's still worth something and get back into something I can maintain and fix myself. I know Mustangs and American muscle in general very well.

The coupe was originally a 4 cylinder car and has been converted to V8 by a performance shop so the hard part is already done. It has a built and seemingly healthy carbureted 302, 4-link, 8.8 rear, battery box in trunk, T5 tranny with Hurst T handle shifter, cobra suspension and wheels. Here in Salt Lake City, a 30+ year old car can be registered as a vintage car, so no emissions or inspection.

Short term I'm going to drive it as is and continue finishing the interior and other cosmetic stuff. Long term I'm planning on a blown 408 stroker, while still maintaining daily driveability. I'll have to balance this project with my 65 Lemans project, but looking forward to it! I've wanted a coupe for a long time, glad I finally found a great deal on one.

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