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I have found myself searching this site a few times. Just decided to become a member this week. I am also on Mustang Enthusiasts and Ford Enthusiasts sites. Lets get to the vehicles.

88 5.0 lx AOD (mom's first car) - all stock original H.O motor and trans. Plans are to restore it and return to mom. Seems to be going way slower then I wish. Got to get it running again.

88 GT Vert 5sp- purchased last year as a roller(no engine or trans) Found out later after purchase it used to be a AOD whatever. It is the first Stang I purchased. Plans was to swap parts for a little while from LX above. Can't seem to bring myself to do so. No it is just seating in front of my house. Waiitng for some TLC. I would love to drop a 2012 or even the new 5.0. I really just want it as a cruiser with decent power.

I also have a 98 Expedition 5.4L that has the Factory head gasket issue with 240k on her. Projects glory I have. Soon as I start making some progress. I will post on build thread for each stang.
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