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Hey figured I'd introduce myself my names Alex and I currently drive my dads 91 vert although it's got a lot of rust and just rolled 170k today it's a great driving car.
I'm buying a friend who passed away his moms car bought it when it was a year old in 85 and it's been sitting since 97 it's dirty and there's rust on only the mismatched hatch but I've located a matching color one for 100$, it's gonna need to be gone over new tires and wheels and exhaust. Plus anything it needs from sitting.
It's a 5 speed but I use hand controls as I'm in a wheelchair and the hand clutch setup is out of my price range so I'm swapping my dad the 5 speed for his auto which will be rebuilt with a trans go reprogramming shift kit and a higher stall converter.
While the engine and trans are out I plan on doing a cam headers,intake manifold I'd like to put a set of 90-93 heads milled so it's 10 to 1 and a decent carb.
I also plan on going 5 lug with 17x5 or 7 &18 x10 inch torq thrust 2s or bullit wheels or similar/something nice in my budget.
I love the color maybe someday get it painted with an 87-93 front end a heat extractor hood with a cobra conversion or saleen clone body kit but cosmetics other than seeing how much paint I can save is last on the list
The Interior is MINT no dash cracks nothing just needs a carpet cleaning and light detail.

Well that's my plan any suggestions especially how to make power on an 84 5.0 on a budget

Also are the trx wheels worth anything?


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