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Well I'm kinda new, new handle anyway. I couldn't figure out my login and don't have the same email. Back after a long break with a new to me toy. I used to be huff-n-puff with my stroked and blown 97 Cobra, figured new car justified a new name.

On to the new car, it's a 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra that I picked up last July. It had 15,900 miles on it when I had it shipped from Sacramento California. The previous owner had the supercharger ported by Posi, installed Bassani mid length headers, high flow cats and a Dynomax cat-back system. It has the head cooling mod, all the pretty pulleys, an Accufab throttle body, 60lb injectors, Boost-a-pump and a tune. The tune was done by AED and I have a dyno sheet showing 522rwhp/492rwtq.

I have added some Focal 6.5" components and DD amp with dynomatting done in the doors and trunk. No subwoofer yet but I am trying to decide what to do. I don't want much weight this time. Last car had 2 10 W7's. I have powder coated the rear calipers and installed drilled/slotted rotors on all 4 corners. Installed my New Edge true Saleen wheels that I bought from Saleen in 2002, installed 2 Autometer wideband gauges that monitor each exhaust bank in a twin gauge dash pod. Replaced the a-pillar pod the previous owner installed with a Speed of Sound twin gauge a-pillar pod setup, did a lot of re-wiring to the gauges and alternator, it does have a 200 amp on there. I had the front bumper cover removed, holes filled and re-painted at the top rated body shop in Nashville, they've done lots of custom stuff for me over the years and I installed the boost gauge overlay decal and recalibrate it. Had to remove the aftermarket boost and oil pressure gauges to make room for the widebands. It also has intercooler temperature and air intake temperature gauges.

I have no intentions of making it any faster as it's already fast enough to be fun. I just ordered a new set of wheels because I want a change. The chrome, almost perfect, show condition, real Saleens will be up for sale very soon. I also want to change the cat-back to a Bassani 3" setup, possibly swap out the Eibach pro springs (black ones) with the Sportlines (red ones), seems to sit a little higher than I like and possibly put on a strut tower brace. Other than those few things the car is perfect and I'm enjoying driving it on nice days.
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