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Well, after many years without one, I just made a deal on a fox platform car. Not my first, second, third, or even my fourth, but this is my first really nice one that I plan to take beyond a basic driver. Anyway, I tried to attach a couple pics of the car I'm picking up in a few weeks, but apparently I have to have more posts before I can post pics or links to pics.

I've always had fast/modded Fords until 3 years ago when I sold my 2004 Lightning & bought a Mercedes CL65. The L was the only vehicle I ever bought for myself brand new. When I sold it, it was still my DD & made 697/734 RWHP/TQ and ran mid-high 10's. Best time so far in the CL65 is [email protected] Not bad for a 4700# year round DD with 2.65 gears. :)

Previous Fox's include a 1981 Cougar, 2005 Mustang GT, 1980 Fairmont, and a 1991 Mustang convertible.

I've always wanted a Futura as a fast street/strip car. Now I have the one to do it with. Going to be a while before it can hang with my CL in the 1/4, but in the end it should be a 10.0 bracket racer/street car.

The Fairmont will never be a 200+mph year round Alaska DD like the Mercedes. It will not be as quiet, smooth, stable or safe, but a new Fairmont back in the day cost $171,000 less than my CL did when it was new. In time, the Futura will be a fun, reliable, streetable, consistent 10.0x bracket car I can drive on nice days and add to my trophy shelf with. The only question is how I'm going to get there, I haven't decided if it is going to be a 347 with twin turbos, a 408 or a 521 with a wiff of funny fumes, or??? Trans could be an AOD, or a C6 with a GV OD. Only time will tell what I decide to do.
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