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Hey guys,
My name is Brian I am new to the site... I think.... I haven't been on the forum circuit in quite few years since my old local forum shut down. I recently moved down to Wilmington NC.

I have been mustang guy since I was driven home from the hospital when I was born in my Dad's 81 notch.
My Current cars are
Car #1
1990 LX notch 4cyl to V8 swap I bought from an impound lot and have built with random parts I have laying around.
The motor is an unknown Its an older non roller block
Random unknown roller cam with and cobra 1.7s
E7s heads
Edlebrock Performer
70mm TB
24# injectors
BBK LTs and O/R H pipe
TKO 600
4.10 rear
33 spline mosers
Drag launch Springs
90/10 struts
50/50 springs
Drag Project

Car #2
1986 GT T-top 5spd
Stock motor
3" magnawflow Cobra Cat back
03 Cobra IRS
Baer Big brakes up front
18" Saleens
Waiting patiently in my garage in VA for me to make more money.

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Welcome aboard.
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