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Whats up everyone Murph here from Federal Way, Washington State. Just picked up this 91 LX on new years day. I bought the car from a guy out of Portland, and the car came from Arizona before him.

The Car:
Paxton SN93 with FMU
F303 CAM
24lb Injectors
MSD Wires
NGK 773 (2 step colder)
BBK 70mm TB
GT40 upper and lower (ported)
normal E7 heads but ported polished
1.6 rockers
Off road H pipe
40 series flowmasters dump rear tire
welded sub frame connectors
Eibach Sport System Plus Kit with sportline springs
adjustable in front
Currently 4 lug 18x9 Cobra R chrome 255/35 275/35

That be the car, I love it just know it needs a damn tune BAD. Just did the timing on the car, it was retarded way to much at like 7 and ran chunky.

Anyway looking to find a foxbody club around here or something.

Hit me up!


1 - 5 of 5 Posts