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Hello all I'm new to the forum and new to Mustangs. I'm not new to Fords though as I have a Bronco. I'm soon fixing to buy a SN95 with the funds I'm getting from the sale of my 2 military chevy trucks. I should have between 8 and 10k on the high side to play with.

I'm fairly set on getting a 5.0 car I think and for sure a 5 speed car but trying to decide between a regular GT or a Cobra

What is a fair price to expect to pay for each? It seems like GT's can be had for 3 to 4k and Cobras from 6 to 9k, is this accurate?

Any reason to chose one over the other? I will daily drive it as I have a short commute of 6 miles each way and I'm sure mod it some along the way
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