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Signed up in 2006 and been lurking around. Actually had this 85 GT when I signed up, had to sell it shortly after. A few months ago, the guy who I sold it to contacted me and asked me if I wanted to buy it back. So here I am again.

All in all it's in the same shape I sold it to him. He used it for three months and then put it in his warehouse. It developed some rust bubbles on the hatch outside (removed hatch yesterday and repairing) and he installed a B&M shifter along with a huge tach, both I don't like. It's also going to need tires from sitting, I can feel the flat spots when driving it. Wish it were a 5 speed.

Here's the story of the car from the original owner who I have been in touch with, I bought it from the second owner.

" I ordered a black 5 spd. in '84 and described it to a co-worker and eventually she ordered one. Yours! She ordered it from Samara Jeep in Grafton, Ma. through Ramelli Ford in Uxbridge , ma. Her brother told her to buy it loaded, thus the aod. We eventually dated and married ( bosses daughter!). I took it over and sent it to Quest Racing for the powertrain mods and roll bar. They usually build monster motors for race and "street ". Unfortunately all of those businesses don't exist anymore. Sad.
Engine – World Aluminum ported heads, Erson 1.7 roller rockers, 1.8 intake, 1.6 exhaust, Custom grind Erson cam (not sure spec.), .20 overbore, Keith Black pistons (9.25:1 comp), stock crank, Manley pro-series timing chain, Chuck Nuytten Holley 650 Dual Feed Carb, Edelbrock Performer Manifold, Ford Motorsports Valve Covers, Promaster Coil, Mallory Billet Distributor with Electronic Advance, Mallory 13mm pro stock wires, Ford shorty headers with h-pipe and dynomax dual exhaust. all ARP bolts, and 8.8 Rearend with 3.73 gears. Transmission is the stock AOD with Hughes 11”2600 Stall Converter and Hughes valve body kit . Radiator is an aluminum Motorcraft. 245/40zr 17 tires with minimum wear mounted on Konig Monsoon's "

As soon as I her all cleaned up I will post some more pics.

Anyway, looking forward to being apart of the forum. Thanks, Drew

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