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Car is used for bracket racing and while going fast is nice consistency if my first priority.

I have been struggling to get it to hook consistently. My 60ft has gone from 1.64 avg to 1.56 avg but that is mostly due to switch to the pro bracket radial as it moves when it spins.

Changed out the rear gear from 4.10 to 3.73 and headed to track tomorrow to see if that tames the launch any. with the 4.10 I could only set 2-step to about 2000 rpm, any higher and it either pushed front tires through the lights or started to spin.

Current times are avg 7.24 1/8 at 94.6 mph

2002 Mustang GT
4.6 2V stock longblock
Kennebell running 9psi
419hp/436tq at the wheels
4r75W with 2600-2800 converter
26x10 MT Pro Bracket Radials

Current suspension mods:
Baseline suspensions Outlaw Upper Control Arm kit (AS running about 113%)
UPR Adj control arms
Baseline suspensions ARB
Strange 10 way single shocks
Spring Ford Racing Lowering spring 1.5"

Strange 10 way single struts
Spring Ford Lowering 1"
Stock A-arms and K Member

So question is where to "begin" now that I am this far in. Considering coilovers in rear or should I work on the front now? When adjusting what should I tinker with first? Shock settings, just the front both together, etc. Thinking maybe there is a method to the madness to dial in this thing.
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