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Coming in June.

Here are a few sneak pics..

The MAF sensor:
New Patented VELOCITY 120
360 degree sampling of air flow.
No maf sensor protruding into airstream.
Patented design allows for very high flow and very stable maf readings at idle even with our huge 120mm MAF housing. All other maf housings this size are horrible for maf signal noise and jumpy counts at idle. No loss in MAF resolution with our design.
6061 billet housing.
Fully programmable HPX digital MAF sensor. This means you can bolt this system on a stock car and not need a reflash OR a restrictor. If you upgrade later with a blower etc, you simply re-flash the MAF to increase the range. Maf software is included.

The tube:

We spent Months with CFD flow modeling and flow bench testing on this crazy piece. It looks the way it does for a reason.. It flows A LOT. the entire tube is 5" for the entire length except for the throttle body opening.

Heat/splash shield:

There is one

We tested this kit against all of the cold air kits currently available and it out flows them all by a healthy margin. It flows over twice what the stock airbox and filter does.

We put all of our years in fluid dynamics, mass air flow sensor design and airflow research into this piece. Even the air filter was designed from the ground up. The filter starts slightly lower than the edge of the maf velocity stack (this yielded 3% more flow). Every detail has been covered, every airflow trick has been applied.

No marketing tricks here, no playing on words. This system FLOWS A LOT.


On par with the competition without the tuners

Coming in June


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