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You've put a ton of work and money into your prized possession, especially in the paint and bodywork. Take an extra step and preserve its great appearance with Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover. Its dense construction sheds water completely and remains fully breathable while blocking dust, pollen, and tree sap better than any other Covercraft car cover. It's custom-tailored for your application. All seams are overlapped and double stitched for durability and ease of storage. Watch our new video review to learn more about its construction, specifications and main benefits.

Covercraft® - WeatherShield™ HD Custom Car Cover


- Maximum Sun and Weather Protection
- Superior Paint Finish Protection
- Elastic Sewn Hems
- Non-Scratch Grommets
- Custom Fit
- 6-Year Warranty.

Covercraft™ | Custom Car Covers, Seat Covers, Sun Shades -

Find the best protection solution for your Mustang with Covercraft Weathershield HD Car Cover!​
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