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Ran a new best last night on a 175 hit, looking to get the car to the 5.85-5.9 to run some 5.70 index races

60ft is terrible, got some bouncing issues to sort out, but got some good video last night...looks like the rear of the car has almost zero movement, no seperation, and no squatting. Looks and feels like its hitting the slicks way to hard, and i have zero shock movement or articualtion

Im running Strange 10 ways all around at the moment...cut GT rear springs, coilovers up front

The shorter i make my IC and higher the A/S % the worse it gets, so im back to the stock mounting points in the rear now.

Roughly 57" I/C length and 90ish% A/S

The bouncing im seeing and feeling in the car is the sidewalls actually loading and unloading the first 60-80 ft or so

Im going to install some good DA rear shocks and start there.

13:1 solid roller 357
3000 converter
c4 w/ trans brake
373 gears
28" et drag
All in a gutted notch

Nitrous is still pig rich, so there should be another mph there getting it set on kill.

Anyone running 5.8-9 with only a 113-114 trap speed?


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You need to up the rear tire pressure a bit. That will help stabilize the sidewall.
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