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long story short.... i bought a 99 v-6 for my daughter to drive and ive got to replace some of the parts as it was wrecked!

this is a list of the things im currently looking for.... if you have ANY of this stuff please let me know a price and condition asap please.... thank you!

Headlights: BOTH
Header panel:
Cowl panel: this is the black plastic pc. between the hood and windshield.
Driver side front spindle:
Driver side fender well splash shield:
Driver side "quarter panel" scoop w/ black trim in center:
Driver side door.... the door SHELL would be great but if complete thats fine.
Driver side rocker molding.... both pcs.
Driver side fender... little ding here or there would be fine.
need to find a master cylinder with the lines from the m/c to the p/valve and from the p/valve to the pass. side, the lines go from the driver side front rail near the strut tower to the pass side rail.... one is to the pass side caliper and the other is the rear main line witch has a connection fitting right next to the pass side caliper connection so it would make taken these two lines off really simple!
im having a hard time finding the brake lines here local.:livid:

if anyone could help out on any of these items please let me know.... tring to get this car on the road before her 16th b-day!!!:hammer:

Thanks Corral!!!!!

E-mail me please!
[email protected]
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