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Alright guys, let me give you a bit of backround. The car is an 87 Thunderbird.

I'm building my car with no class in mind. I'm building it to the the best I can build it without getting too far in over my head (already in over my head, but not where I'm drowning yet). I would do a torque arm, but right now, thats a bit out of budget, most of my parts I aqquired when I had more money to play with.

Anyways, the rear suspension will consist of:

-MM lower control arms
-Coil overs with probably a 325# spring to start with
-Koni SA's
-MM panhard bar
-8.8 rear, cobra brakes, no quads, etc

Now, I understand the need for the rubber bushings in the upper control arms since they need to be compliant, but in my case, the car is dropped nearly 3" from stock. This thing sat like a ranger. I was wondering if using an upper control arm with a heim joint, and then stock rubber would cause too much overall bind. I want the heim joint uppers so I can adjust the pinion angle.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys
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