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I just started competing last year in a general rookie modified class.

My car is a 04 GT with the practically the whole Maximum Motorsports catalog thrown at it.

Tube K frame & front arms
rear TA/PHB
Coilovers all around on bilsteins
aftermarket sway bars
Cobra size brakes
Relatively stock drive train
Stock interior
CF hood/trunk lid
18x9 & 265/35 Direzza ZII 200 treadwear

I was having fun with it on ZII's, picked up a set of R comps and planned on running in CP this season.

However over the winter I also installed a eaton based saleen supercharger. I just finished it up and put enough miles on it to drive it hard.

But the bug to build HP blinded me to the fact that adding a blower throws me out of CP. At first I thought my only option was to run CAM-C using my ZII's.

But after reading the rules a bit more, it looks like I'd fit in XP with my chassis mods, R comps and blower.

I think the MM TA/PHB and front subframe geometry changes keeps me out of SM.

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