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I'm looking for your guys' opinions on the frontend suspension setup of my 98 cobra. I'm planning to overhaul my frontend suspension setup with MM components but not sure if I should take the leap full tilt.

So far, here are the parts I've gathered this winter waiting to be installed:

1. MM forward offset front lower control arms
2. MM bolt-thru bumpsteer kit
3. MM CC plates
4. MM aluminum steering rack bushings
5. MM solid steering shaft
6. MM urethane swaybar bushings
7. MM short swaybar endlinks
8. MM K-member brace (for stock K-member)

I was just about ready to get these installed until I came across a killer deal on the last piece of the puzzle, an MM K-member...along with MM non-offset front lower control arms, and a Canton oil pan ($500 for all!)

Now my question is...would it be worth it to spend the extra money ($500) on the MM K-member, non-offset control arms, and Canton oil pan, then buy all the required parts for the install, ie: oil filter relocation kit and front swaybar relocation kit? All the parts that I have waiting to be installed are still new and I can return them or exchange them for parts that will work with the MM K-member, but I'll still be spending an extra $500 on the parts + an additional $300+ for the installation (on top of what I'm already going to pay to install the first set of parts).

Is the K-memebr and oil pan really worth the extra $800+ in parts and labor, or should I stick to what I already have in my garage and use the money elsewhere??? Opinions? Thanks!
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