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So my turbo is starting to eat itself alive its got some rolled over blades on the wheel and recently started not making boost at all and giving me a howl noise which leads me to believe its cooked. I want to get a new turbo/upgrade below is my combo, obviously want quick spooling and good power keep in mind I have a stock block (rated to 500rwhp) but in the future (far future) plan on getting a Dart block to turn up the boost for 750 range. Hopefully I can get a good all around turbo to meet those needs.


DSS 306 with 8:5:1 comp
AFR 185 heads 58cc
comp pro mag rockers 1.6
TF one piece hardened pushrods
ARP main and head studs
Fel-pro MLS head gaskets
Hogans sheet metal upper
80mm Holly TB

Tremec TKO600 trans
McLoed Scattershield bellhousing
Findanza aluim flywheel
Spec stage 3 clutch
FMS Aluim driveshaft
Eaton diff
3:73 gears

Fuel system

Dual walbro 255 inline pumps
-8 feed
-6 return
areomotive AFPR boost sensitive
FMS 42# inj
Areomotive fuel rails


Turbonetics 60-1 trim T4 turbo
Tial 44mm WG
Tial 50mm BOV


3inch downpipe to custom Y pipe
Borla full flow mufflers SS

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mp70 or 76, the smaller exhaust housing,.81 will spool fast and work better at 500hp, then you could swap to a larger housing once you wanna crank it up.
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