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NASA-SE proudly presents the annual Savannah Sizzler! at Roebling Road in Savannah, GA on Sept 3-4, 2011. This will be a fun filled event that promises to exceed all previous levels of NASA-SE quality events. We will have our normal schedule starting on Friday and continuing through out the weekend. This is a great event to get all tuned up for the NASA Nationals! This event includes:

High Performance Driver's Education (HPDE) - drivers of all makes and models of cars can sign up and begin at the novice level (HPDE 1) and work their way to advanced driving skills. All drivers start with classroom instruction as well as an in-car instructor to guide you to drive your car at the limits. All of this takes place with the safety of a racetrack under controlled conditions.

Time Trials (TT) - Drivers will compete for their fastest lap times and win all types of contingency money and prizes. The beauty of TT is the fact that you can do all of this with only your street car and a helmet!

Sprint Races - All of the standard NASA classes will be participating, 944Spec, SpecBoxter, American Iron(AI), Factory Five Racing (FFR), German Touring Series (GTS), Honda Challenge(HC), Performance Touring(PT), SpecE30, SpecMiata, Super Unlimited(SU), Super Touring(ST), etc. Cars will be split up into groups and the racing will be intense to watch and participate in!

To Register ONLINE click HERE
NASA :: South East Region

For more info about Roebling Road click HERE
Roebling Road Raceway

For More Details about NASA-SE Click HERE
NASA :: South East Region

Racers and Time Trialers: Your car will need to go thru an Annual Inspection. Go to NASA :: South East Region to get your Annual Inspection BEFORE you get to the track!
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