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What would you put your money on?
There is a BIG debate at the local watering hole. My car has not been on the scales yet and still needs to be tuned. It should come in under 3000 lbs.
My car. 1992 mustang gt.
8.50 cert cm roll cage
Mini tubed w/ 9in outlaw rear end, 3:55 gear, spool, cm dbl adjustable control arms.
Cm k-member w/ cm arms, single adj struts, alum hubs, calipers
427 ci, trick flow tea 225 high ports w/ shaft mount rockers
Custom billit cam and ez roll solid roller lifters
9.5:1 compression
88mm precision turbo
Built th400 Trans
Holly dominator efi
That should cover the essential info but ask if more is needed. And if interested hear is a link to the build thread. car: 2112 911 turbo bone stock.
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