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well some of you know that i blew my 4.6 up.... ( i knew it was gonna happen but just not this soon) never been a fan of ford motors..this was the first ford ive ever owned.. i built a 350 vortec for my truck last year to tow my mustang around...once i blew the car up i sold the truck minus the motor (has 6k miles on it) im going to be building a dart block 427 for next season but figured id use the motor to get me by and work out all the bugs for when i put my race motor in next year...

350 small block chevy
keith black pistons 10:1
906 vortec heads
234/244 510lift cam
heavy duty valve springs and retainers good for .550 lift
new lifters
ported single plane high rise intake manifold
demon 650 carb
nitrous express plate kit (100-150 shot)


new springs good for .550 lift

new vs old

cleaned up

primed ready to be painted tomorrow..

bay has been sprayed metallic charcoal

pics arent that good but it looks good in person...

i added a piece of angle iron on the top over the fuel out lets to make it solid all the way across.. but anyways..cell is mounted

k member with tow hook and 2 tie down straps
adjustable 1" short a arms
pinto rack and mount kit
bumpsteer kit
tubular bolt on steering column with shafts
strange quick release
grant steering wheel
Strange manual brake kit

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