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Due to unforeseen circumstances, the stang had to go. I was able to remove all of my aftermarket parts however. I live in Omaha, NE so if anyone is close here's your chance for some deals. These parts all have about 20k miles (unless noted) on them and I drove the car year round.

Genuine Ford Mustang Rubber Floor Mats - $75

BMR Adj. Panhard Bar - $75

Tubular Street Lower Control Arms with Urethane Bushings - $50

SCT Xcal 2 (unlocked) with 2 tunes (Tillman perf.(87) and all out (91) for EVX1 ECU - $200

Also selling my wheels/tires. $600 takes them. Buyer pays shipping ($20-30 per wheel depending on where) I have 5 total. 2 20x9 and 3 20x10's. One 20x10 was curbed so I bought a replacement. Tires are Kumho 255/35 front, 275/35 rear. I would say 20% left on all 4.

Pics of most of the stuff below:

Wheels on car:

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