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Iam selling:

MM coilovers front and rear (kit includes)
MM sport dampers
MM coilover kits
Eibach 500lb front spring
Eibach 400lb rear spring
Hypercoil 400lb front spring
Hypercoil 300lb rear spring

This kit has less than 10,000 miles on them(i dont have an odometer) barely used I have competed in a season of time attack with the 500/400 springs which i bought last year, and 400/300 springs have a couple of autox events on them.

Parts are mint, the car has been on jackstands for most of its life with these coilovers.

Ill put the 400/300 springs back in because that is max spring rate for these MM/Bilstein sport dampers. This would be a massive upgrade over stock fox suspension, plus if its too stiff you can buy eibach or any coilover spring brand for 50 bucks a pop and go down to a 350/325/300 pretty much every 25lbs spring of your choice.

I bought the kit/dampers/400/300 springs years ago total cost was 1650.00

with eibach coils 1850 easy

Make me an offer

860 916 5549
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