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July 19
6AM-7AM meet up
Shawnee High School

9:15 arrive at show
Show is 11-4, gates open at 9

Open to all Mustangs + Fast Fords. What the hell, others can show, just make sure you're fast and clean.

Plan is to meet up, shake hands, get some coffee, gas, bathroom, go over the route, get everyone on the same walkie channel and go over some basic safety (READ: KEEP COPS AWAY) rules, head out and have some fun. If you have never been in a caravan, especially an early morning one, you are missing out. I live half an hour away from the american muscle location just to drive 1.5 hours here to drive 2 hours the long way back, because it's that cool.

If you're absolutely sure you'll do it, post and PM me your name and phone number if you prefer to keep that quiet, otherwise post it. We leave at 7 but I'd like a short list of the people who know they are going so I can make sure they are there before we leave. Please arrive at least at 6:30 so you have time to pee and we're not late right off the bat.

If you don't know where that school is, go to and type in "Shawnee High School." It's giant, right off 206, very visible can't miss it.

walkie talkie (target has them less than $20 good to half mile)
extra batteries
1 passenger if possible
small cash for tolls and american muscle meet
gps if you own it, can not ever be too safe
warm change of clothes, never know what the weather will hold
your other normal car meet stuff...umbrella, chairs, sunblock, water, snacks, detailer, etc.

Currently we have a leader and a caboose. We need a volunteer to middle man, prefer automatic, must have passenger to help radio, prefer have GPS. Has to be able to lead if the group gets separated in the middle.


95PGTTech - Chris
adam95gt - Adam

Any questions post, PM, call me (609) 558 1649 or email [email protected]

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All the people going with us are registered for the daily driver class. No worries, no serious competition. I'm sure some asshat who can't hang with the full show cars will roll off a trailer with Seran wrap on their tires and enter it as a "daily driver." I paid the $10, it's a good cause and it guarantees me a parking spot within easy walking distance.
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