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this is "MICO" , my 95 cobra, i bought the car a little over a year ago with 90k on it and a 396" windsor it was making approx 400 rwhp through a 5 speed, since then i had bought to LS1 cars and loved them and i have always been a chevy guy . i have always loved my mustangs too and had more mustangs than camaro's, but now i feel this will be the best of both worlds.

The plan:

ly6 ( still need) but have money set aside for just want everything else before hand

carbed, hopefully buying my intake and msd 6012 this weekend

Team Z swap front end, hopefull it will be here by monday

TH350 trans, have one laying around that has a shift kit in it, it will do for now

4000-5000 stall, undecided on final stall speed, i may want to spray it??

tsp 231/236 cam if you have one i want to buy it

aje cross member

prosystems carb later on, i'll throw my brothers eddy 750 on for start up purposes

moroso electric water pump

flaming river manual steering ( hopefully be here next week)

as much lightening as possible with full interior minus rear seat no heat, no a/c no air bags etc, shooting for ~3000 lbs with out me in it

coilovers all around, i want to keep the car slammed and dead hook on 17's

cobra r wheels all around narrowing fronts, m/t 26-11.50/17 rears

im hoping to break into the 10s with this on motor and 9s on spray later on

well i hope you all enjoy

i will post pics as parts arrive and work progresses consider this the start of my build thread.
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