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SOLD Maximum Motorsports '94-04 Non-offset FCAs NIB

Maximum's MMFCA-7, Non-offset Front Control Arms, for '94-04 Mustangs.

Non-offset Front Control Arms, 1994-04 Mustang

Used Delrin bushings, missing one of the center tubes. I think I actually bought 'em off someone here.

The control arms are essentially brand new in box (I opened the box for the first time just to take these pics). Ordered them a long time ago but now I have no need for them. They're $359 new shipped from LMR. How's $290 shipped sound?

Also have some used Delrin bushings for them; they're a $100 add-on to the FCAs from MM, and $140 by themselves.If you want to include them with the control arms, let's do both for for $340 shipped.


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