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If you want completely change the look of your Mustang or just add a custom touch, Extreme Dimensions body kits will do the job! Whether you choose Duraflex, Couture or Aero Function products, you'll get premium quality, advanced durability and aerodynamic appearance for your Mustang. All Extreme Dimensions components are made of the fiberglass, plastic, and flex resins, come complete with a black primer finish ready to be installed.

Don't miss your chance to improve the style and performance of your Mustang and save your money! Purchase any Duraflex, Couture or Aero Function product at lower cost! Prices are already reduced.

Duraflex Body Kits, Custom Hoods, Spoilers at

Couture Body Kits, Fender Flares, Lips, Spoilers at

Aero Function Carbon Fiber Body Kits at

Check some of the most intense body kits available for the Ford Mustang:

Carbon Creations® - GT Concept Style Carbon Fiber Body Kit

Duraflex® - GT500 Style Fiberglass Front Bumper Cover

Duraflex® - Grid Style Fiberglass Body Kit

Duraflex® - Eleanor Style Fiberglass Body Kit

PM me for a quote or leave your inquiries below.
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