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Ok had tons of issues mainly new setup flooding plugs with fuel.
Found 2 fooked relays, EEC and now the old WAC relay ( I have no a/c or emissions fitted)which appears to have the MAFRTN pin 9 tan and light blue running thru it.
Only the red12v pin 37/57 shows this stock.
I have ordered multiple relays to replace them all.
This car was "built" before I got it about 9 years back.
I'm just interested to see if anyone knows why this would be?
As the MAFRTN Stock shows it goes straight back to eec.
Was put together in a shop in US and ran fine.
427, 60lb injectors. Anderson pms with their startup tune.
Floods as bad with stock eec and 22lb Injectors I put in just to see.
Got a wait for the parts from the US, then with new relays, Maf, tps checked if no go it's defeat and trailered off to a shop.
Could a bad IAT-ICT sensor cause all this.
Aeromotive pump, and regulator, turned it from 42 to 38psi.
Just WTF is causing too much fuel wetting plugs.
All 8, with 2 sets of injectors.
New o2 sensors.
I'm sure this is an electrical issue.
New dizzy, swooped out coils, same with/without msd 6al.
Basically what should I look at for a stock AL9 and 22lb ers on a 427 (just to fire it up)
Ran fine for 2 fire ups on the 60lbs then started all this.
Won't run or start the MAF disconnected.
All 5 grounds are great, 2x firewall 2x chassis 1 gauge trunk battery to block.
Pins 20/40/60 perfect grounds too.

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it wont run without the maf

because the limp default is for stock engine

that is why we tune the ecm

there is no maf relay

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Thanks Indy, I'm a newbie with electrical.
With meter set to ohms they all "beep" and show no reading...that's good yeh?
For voltage drop can you tell me exactly how to perform this much appreciated as you know your stuff.
Another issue it's had is no IGN light.
1 wire alternator 12v at dash connection and alternator. Replaced bulbs.
Also on turning key to on, my PMS DISPLAY, which gets power from the pms eec(checked at makers) which gets its power via the factory eec connection then back into factory eec,
Displays a black line instead of the parameters?
It's ok for a while but then pukes. Still has power but no display. This is being reflashed at efi systems in US now.
Any ideas where to start?

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Just a thought?
This car has 3 grounds on the underside of the drivers fender.
They are bolted via my coil bracket.
The weekend I will jack the car and remove, test n clean them.
I expect they are the ones that ground normally by the coil, starter solenoid. Think this will be where my fuseable links are too.
Maybe some gremlins going on there.
Ignore engine and setup as now replaced.
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