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I would think this could be done, just wondering if anyone has done it yet. I recall a build that Late model resto did with a carbed LS bolted to a lakewood bellhousing bolted to the Mustang 5 speed. They had a regular t o bearing, not a hydraulic one. Guess I should call them.

I am strongly thinking of doing the LS swap, but want to use my G force rebuilt/ Borg warner 5 speed, and dont want to get involved with a hydraulic clutch set up. I am all set for using MM's oem extra long style clutch cable, which has worked great in the past.

Also, couldnt I use an f body bellhousing which was originally bolted to the back of the LS-- would it bolt up to the front of the Mustang Borg-warner 5 speed?

Thanks, Ryan
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