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I've been collecting cars, Saleens and other Mustangs in particular, for the past 15 or so years. I store them in a climate controlled warehouse in sealed Air Chambers. The owner of the building (my former business partner) has sold the building and I will be needing to vacate in about a month. Out of the twenty or so cars I have, I may be able to keep half of them at most. Trust me, I'd like to keep them all!

So, it is with great angst that I submit this list of cars for sale:

1. 1969 Mach 1 428 Super Cobra Jet. $72,500. (No longer available)

2. 1970 Cougar Eliminator 428 Super Cobra Jet. $63,500. (No longer available)

3. 1970 Cougar Eliminator Boss 302. $63,500.

4. 1979 Mustang 5.0 Notchback. 44,000 original miles. $7,500. (No longer available)

5. 1981 Capri Drag Car. $17,500.

6. 1985 Mustang GT. 6,300 original miles. $15,500.

7. 1986 Mustang GT. 7,600 original miles. $14,500.

8. 1986 Capri 5.0. 23,000 original miles. $15,500. (No longer available)

9. 1989 Saleen SSC #185. 6,300 original miles. Outstanding, mint condition. $26,500. (No longer available)

10. 1990 Saleen #33. 2,600 original miles. Perfect, better than showroom condition. Highly detailed undercarriage. $25,500. (Interesting link regarding the car: SCOA Saleen of the Month). (No longer available)

11. 1993 Saleen #27. 2,300 original miles. Factory supercharged. Perfect, showroom condition. $47,500. (No Longer Available)

12. 1993 Cobra R #79. 61 original miles. $66,500. (No longer available)

13. 1993 Cobra R #17. 61 original miles. $66,500. (yes, both have 61 original miles!) (No longer available)

14. 1993 Cobra #190. Apx. 4,000 original miles (Teal w/ opal leather). Slight paint imperfection on driver's front fender. $25,000. (No longer available)

15. 1993 Cobra #1695. 5,900 original miles (Black w/ opal leather). $25,500. (No longer available)

16. 1993 Cobra #2614. Apx. 4,000 original miles (Teal w/ opal leather). 25,500. (No Longer Available)

17. 1995 Cobra R #60. 13,000 original miles. $23,500. (No longer available)

18. 1995 Cobra R#171. 140 original miles. $28,500. (No longer available)

19. 1955 Thunderbird. Pro Street. Supercharged 460 c.i.d. $65,500.

20. 1969 Hurst S/C Rambler plus another rusted car that could be restored plus many parts. $28,500.

21. 1969 Nissan Patrol. $9,500. (No longer available)

22. 1970 Cougar Eliminator Boss 302. Disassembled and on rotisserie. $21,500.

23. 1965 Mustang Fastback Restomod. Disassembled. Tons and tons $$$ invested. $27,500. (Basis for the build: 1966 Boss Hoss Mustang : Ghostworks Garage)

I also have a mint set of four (4) 17" Speedline wheels with matching Dunlop SP Sport 225/45ZR17 (front) and 235/45ZR17 (rear) tires. OEM five lug. Less than 2,000 miles. Factory and original for your Saleen. $2,750.

Also a set of American five spoke 16" five lug wheels with never been on the road Bridgestone 245/45/16 tires. $850.
Photos of the wheels and tires: Speedlines And American Wheels And Tires Photos by cele3 | Photobucket.

I apologize for not yet having drafted appropriate descriptions for all the vehicles. I am in the process of doing it, but wanted to get the selling process initiated right away. All of my low mileage cars are in showroom condition. All stored in a climate controlled facility inside sealed Air Chambers. All have supporting documentation.

Please go to my photobucket account page for photos of my cars. At the moment, some are more thoroughly photographed than others. I will be happy to provide any information requested by serious buyers. The photobucket link is: Rob Celedonia's (cele3)'s Library | Photobucket

Please contact me directly via email at [email protected] if you have serious interest. I will be posting this advertisement on other forums, so contacting me by email will ensure that I receive your message.

Finally, I hope that I haven't come across as abrasive or gruff by stressing that only serious buyers contact me. I enjoy talking cars, especially about mine, but I fear that I simply wouldn't have time to discuss all nineteen cars with everyone who might have a passing interest.

All cars are located in Lewisville, TX.


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