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i have a brand new Cam Motion solid roller camshaft for sale, we made over 1300 rwhp with the same cam in a 356" 302 based motor with an 88mm turbo and went [email protected] on radials with the same motor with a 106mm...this cam is still brand new in the box, sell it for $250

i have a brand new in the box 90mm Wilsons throttle body for sale...will sell for $300

i have a brand new never used Edelbrock Victor 5.8 EFI intake for sale, the intake was fully worked by XSR Cylinder heads, absolutely incredible port work, nothing left to be done to this intake, efi intakes have better air distribution than a converted carb intake if you are running a forced induction set up...this intake is not for a street car, it was destined for a 393" R headed motor with a 106mm Turbo on it...we have over $1200 invested int this intake and it has never been bolted on, the intake plaque is still in the package even..will sell it for $900

i have a fresh set of TFS-R heads that have been fully ported, epoxied intake runners, stainless valves, titanium keepers and retainers, triple springs heads were originally done by TEA but we had them gone through by XSR Cylinder Heads so they have not been run since they were freshened up, i will get the flow numbers from Greg but i can assure you these heads are NASTY!!! guaranteed to be 7 second capable...asking $2100

we have a brand new set of Pro Turbo Systems 1 3/4" mild steel headers that were designed for a TFS-R head on a 9.5 deck Windsor...they have never even been out of the plastic..will sell for $1000 shipped

i have a freshly rebuilt 100mm Innovative Turbo Systems turbo, had 20 passes before being totally freshened up, it has no runs on it since freshening, sell for $1600 shipped,

i have a new MSD crank trigger kit for sale, it is p/n 8640, its brand new in the package, i will sell it for $260

i have a brand new in the package MSD Distributor for a 9.5 deck windsor, it is p/n 85842, it has the locked out advance and a bronze gear already installed on it, will sell for $280

i have 2 sets of BBK o2 extension harnesses, i am asking $25 a set plus shipping, they are brand new in the packages

i have some various silver faced autometer gauges for sale they are

1) 2" vacuum gauge $20
2) 2" 30in/30psi vac boost gauge $25
3) 2" electric 100-250 degree water temp gauge $40
4) 2 5/8" electric trans temp gauge 100-250deg $40
5) 2 5/8" 0-100 psi oil pressure gauge $25
6) 5" 10k rpm tach with shiftlight $125SOLD

all these gauges are the silver faced ones, they are about a year old but look brand new and work like brand new

we have a Product Engineering PE4600 fuel pump for about a year old but we just sent it back to them a few months ago and had it completely redone, we have been [email protected] on drag radials with it with no fuel problems whatsoever...will sell for $750 shipped thats $245 less than what they sell for and i guarantee it works perfect, email me at [email protected] if interested

i have a PA Automotive 200 amp 3g style alternator, was used for about a month and we had a charging i sent it in to be checked out and they found it to be perfect,...found out we had a bad ground...this unit is their fully polished version, will sell for $200 shipped

i have a transmission harness from a 1990 mustang 5.0 5 speed car, this is needed if you are converting from an auto to a 5 speed, sell for $50 shipped

i can get 304 stainless u-bends in various sizes, 1 5/8", 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2.5", 3"...very good prices, email me for info

i have a set of Dragin Motorsports solid single adjustable control arms, the feature a heim joint in the front for adjustability they have spring perches on them but no sway bar mounts, we went 1.31 60 ft's on drag radials in a turbo car that ran [email protected] are still in great condition they would still be on the car but we picked up a new sponsor and we need to run their stuff..asking $100 for the control arms

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