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Hey guys, I finally got my car running great and making decent power, but now I need to work on the suspension. It's a 97 GT with the only suspension mods being Steeda Sport Springs, and Tokico Blues all around. My other mods are a '04 Aluminum PI Longblock (Explorer), Bassani Mid Length headers, and the common JLT RAI, T/B, etc. My T-45 is built with carbon synchros and much stronger shift forks from Hanlon motorsports, my rear end is built with 31spline Yukon axles and Ford T-Lock, along with 4.10 gears. The clutch is a Ram HDX that can hold a good amount of power and abuse. I chose to run the Fidanza forged steel flywheel to try and help keep the revs up at launch. All of these mods have less than 1,500 miles.

Anyways, I went to the track once so far with the new mods and my best E.T was a 14.15 @ 101.57 in 89.6 Degree track temps. My 60' foot for that pass was a 2.21 and my best 60' to date is a 2.07..
I obviously need a set of slicks, and I think I'm going to go with MT ET Street 26x10-15 to mount on my 15x8 Summit Stars..

My rear lower control arms are shot, and this is what my question is. I want a set of LCA's that are fine to drive on the street, but will take a good amount of abuse before the bushings grenade. I don't really want to go with a rod-end style, because my car isn't that serious, and I don't feel its necessary.
I've been looking at the CHE Solid LCAs with the poly and dexrin bushings, but can't seem to find them anywhere.
My other choice is the MM Solid LCA's with the 3 peice urethane bushing at the chassis and teflon lined spherical bushings at the axle. Has anyone used these? How are they on the street, rough ride and any noise?
Thanks in advance to any input or advice!
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