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Trying to get a 10 second pass out of my setup. I have the MPH but the 60 is just not where i know it can be.

Just about every pass i am cutting between 1.64 to 1.68.

I know if i can get that down to a 1.55 or so i will be knocking on the door of that 10 second time slip. Car is running 11.2 with my current 60 foots at 124 to 125

Car is a 94 Vert with a 347 and tko 600. Made 440 rwhp

4.30 gears, MT 28x9s, coil overs up front 175 springs, Drag launch springs in the rear, 50/50s, and 90/10s, non adjustable granatelli uppers and lowers with spehrical housing bushings. Have an air bag in right rear but haven't been using it.

Most passes this past weekend i would leave around 5000. Have tried dumping it, slipping it a bit but get the same 60s each time. Ussualy have my tire pressure right around 11 lbs before burnout

Seems like when i dump it the car will fall on its face a bit after launch, if i slip it nose stays up just not getting out quite quick.

Just looking for all opinions. Anything in that setup that is not doing me any favors? Anybody have better luck using the air bag?
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